The Wild Frontier


Hi, I’m Greg Payne.

Welcome to the Wild Frontier, a newsletter dedicated to navigating the world of work in the current and post-normal era.  I created this newsletter to serve a very important purpose.  As someone, like many, who consumes vast quantities of information, I came to the realisation that consumption in and of itself is worthless.

This newsletter is the start of my journey towards a deeper understanding and interpretation of the complex world of work.  Ultimately, I hope it serves as a platform that delivers actionable insights based on what is learned along the way. Insights that can help you & I navigate the new world of work.

While I aim to cover many aspects of this broad and varied subject matter, the primary areas of investigation will center on:

– Learning and the path towards mastery

– Cooperation & collaboration in the post-normal era

– Harnessing networks & the wisdom of the crowd


I hope you will join me on the journey.


100% free. Unsubscribe anytime.

100% free. Unsubscribe anytime.

Who is it for?


The Wild Frontier is aimed at those hyper inquisitive types.  Those of you, who like me, are always searching for answers.


Are you trying to figure out how to thrive in the new world of work?


One that is in a constant state of flux, where the path is always changing and the destination unclear.


Are you willing to embrace the uncertainty that comes with unchartered territory?


Do you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?


If your answer is “Yes”, then you are in the right place.

Why Now?

Our society currently operates on dual economies.  The first being the capitalist economy based on monetary exchange for goods and services.  The second is the sharing economy based on the exchange of knowledge, perspectives, and ideas.  To succeed in the post-normal era we need to embrace and participate in both.

“Managing this transition towards deeper investment in human potential within the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is one of the most important political, societal, economic and moral challenges we are facing today” – World Economic Forum

Now more than ever we need to establish how to improve societal outcomes, contribution & cooperation to better impact our world.

We can no longer think in reductionist terms, retreat to silos or isolate ourselves in our own specialisms.  The problems we need to solve necessitate a form of collective intelligence that brings together the best of many minds, both biological & synthetic.  Our future will inevitably become reality but the future we choose to create relies on our willingness to co-create it.

How do you aim to identify insights?

The world of work is no longer predicated on rigidness and predictability.  The old axiom,

“If all you have is a hammer, all you see is a nail”

neatly summarised the approach to problem-solving in the 20th-century industrial era.

Fixation with specific tools, methodologies & techniques must make way for the ability to understand how to choose the best solution for the unique demands the post-normal world of work presents.

Where the past prioritized content, moving forward we must master context.  On this road, there are no signposts.  The Wild Frontier will focus on the ability to navigate complexity through responsive, emergent & predictive sense-making.

What type of content features in the Wild Frontier?


Inspired by diverse people, ideas & influences I aim to build on what we have learned from the past, adapt it in the present & ultimately help shape how I & those I co-create with navigate the future.


Connecting the dots, identifying & formulating patterns and providing insights to make you more prepared for the post-normal era, the now & the future of work.


The Wild Frontier is my contribution to the new sharing economy.  Everything here in is free, open & yours to use, borrow & modify is you so wish.


I do not profess to have all the answers but one thing is for sure, I have no shortage of questions.  The path towards those answers has no endpoint. The value lies in the journey.  I hope you’ll join me, not in following the path well worn but instead creating a new one of our own.